Rahul Rade

Rahul Rade

MSc. Information Technology and Electrical Engg., ETH Zürich

Hello, I am Rahul! I'm an M. Sc. student at ETH Zürich studying Information Technology and Electrical Engineering with a focus on Machine Learning. I am passionate about (i) improving the robustness of the widely-used deep networks to natural and adversarial domain shifts, (ii) using adversarial robustness as an avenue towards understanding deep learning. Besides, I have also worked on few projects involving understanding BERT, multi-task learning for autonomous driving, certifying robustness and RNNs for citation graph creation.

Previously, I completed my B. Tech. in Electronics Engineering at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai in 2019 where I was fortunate to work with Prof. Dr. F. Kazi on using GANs for generating deepfakes and sequence modelling.


ETH Zürich

M. Sc. Information Technology and Electrical Engg.
ETH Zürich - Present

VJTI Mumbai

B. Tech Electronics Engineering
VJTI, Mumbai - May 2019